Healing Hawk Inlet

The best available scientific data shows that over the past 35 years, the Greens Creek Mining operation has harmed the marine environment and adjacent uplands. A new massive tailings expansion poses a growing threat to the health of Hawk Inlet’s creatures and habitats. Before new permits proposals are accepted for processing, we urge state and federal agencies to:

  • Replicate the 1980-81 baseline studies to understand fully the Greens Creek Mine’s cumulative impacts to the marine and upland environments.
  • Pursue a plan to recycle mine wastewater rather than dumping it into Hawk Inlet.
  • Map and remove toxic mining ore spilled in the Inlet.
  • Make Hawk Inlet a living laboratory where Alaska can refine mining operations and practices with the best science, monitoring plans, and policies necessary to protect our fish, land, and people.
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