Southeast Alaska Is Our Home

And we’re here to protect it

The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is a homegrown conservation group of Southeast Alaskans fiercely fighting to protect our home: the ancient and mighty Tongass National Forest and the crisp, vibrant waters of the Inside Passage.
This is our backyard. We’ve been protecting it for over 50 years, and continue today. 

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SEACC Supporters

Tell DOWA to stop funding the Palmer Mine!

Japanese smelter company DOWA Metals and Mining has taken control of the Palmer Mine Project at the headwaters of the Chilkat Watershed. Not only does the mine project threaten the Chilkat Watershed’s biological diversity, pristine water, and the downstream communities of Haines and Klukwan, but it’s a boondoggle, unlikely to generate profitable returns. Send this letter DOWA today, telling them to stop funding the mine!

Southeast Alaska Is Under Threat, and We Are Doing Something About It

We are facing daily, hostile threats to our environment and way of life in Southeast Alaska.

The Trump administration and out-of-touch Alaska politicians want to repeal decades-old safeguards on the Tongass to open it up to clearcut logging and road building. National, state and local agencies constantly propose new timber sales to clearcut the forest. The mining industry here in Alaska and across the border in Canada willfully ignores environmental regulations and tries to extract more and more minerals from the earth near critical salmon-producing watersheds.

On top of it all, Alaska is on the front lines of climate change, warming twice as fast as the rest of the country.

All of this threatens the 35 communities that make up Southeast Alaska.

We are commercial fishermen. We are hikers and kayakers. We are small business owners. We are Alaska Natives. We are hunters. We are parents, grandparents, and youth. We are family. And we are here to say ENOUGH.

To us, Southeast Alaska, though beautiful, is not just pretty scenery. It is where we live, work and play. We rely on this living forest and its waterways for food, jobs and clean air and water.

SEACC has galvanized our supporters into action to successfully protect this place for over 50 years. We are a truly grassroots advocacy nonprofit organization, supported by the members who work with us to take action. We use our collective regional voice — united by love of this special place — to win in the courtroom, to watchdog harmful industries, and to advocate for laws that point us toward a more sustainable future.

We are Southeast Alaskans: this is our home. And we’re not going anywhere.

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What We’re Working On

Tongass National Forest

With its ancient, towering trees and pristine waterways teeming with salmon, the lush Tongass National Forest spans Southeast Alaska’s panhandle and is the largest national forest in the United States. We work to protect, restore and honor this living temperate rainforest — traditional homelands of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples — that drives our region’s economy and sustains us with food, jobs, and clean air and water.

Inside Passage Waters

Southeast Alaska is as much water as it is land. Here, the interconnected web of the Inside Passage is home to lush wild salmon rivers and immense watersheds that feed the trees of the Tongass and the oceans of the world. It is a place teeming with biodiversity — from whales and wolves, to eagles, deer and bears, to salmon and communities.

Grassroots Community Organizing

SEACC brings people together in our region and around the world in support of the greatest place on Earth: Southeast Alaska. We believe people power is key to protecting this special place from industrial-scale clearcut logging, mines that threaten our salmon strongholds, political threats, and a climate that is changing at a dizzying speed.

Happening Now

Submit Your Roadless Rule Comments to the Forest Service Now!

Submit Your Roadless Rule Comments to the Forest Service Now!

Today marks the official start date of the 60-day public comment period on the Biden administration's promise to restore the National Roadless Rule to the Tongass National Forest. Now is your time to act! We encourage Southeast Alaskans, supporters, and members of the public to submit comments to...

Celebrating Two Great SEACC Board Leaders!

Celebrating Two Great SEACC Board Leaders!

This weekend we’re celebrating two incredible, hard-working female leaders at SEACC — outgoing board chair Katie Ione Craney and incoming board chair Natalie Watson! Katie Craney joined the SEACC board in 2019 and stepped into the board chair role after the departure of Wrangellite Stephen Todd in...

Submit Your Comments for SASS by October 18!

Submit Your Comments for SASS by October 18!

On July 15, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it would set up a new team to consult with Tribal governments and Alaska Native corporations, and work with regional stakeholders to allocate up to $25 million of funding — emphasizing examples of integrated sustainable economic development...

Alpine Islands: Hunting for Mountain Goats in a Changing Climate

Alpine Islands: Hunting for Mountain Goats in a Changing Climate

SEACC Climate Organizer Matt Jackson spotlights how climate change will affect mountain goats on a recent hunt — but hopefully, Alaska will correct its course. Halfway up the mountain, we start having second thoughts. First, it was a dash across a steep ravine with nothing to catch you but ferns....