ACT NOW - The Tongass is Back on the Chopping Block

Weekend_at_Murkowski's_Cartoon_by_John_Cox.jpgThe House of Representatives is deciding NOW whether to allow a new attack on the Tongass to move forward. This time it is Congressman Young, like Senator Lisa Murkowski before him, trying to exempt the Tongass National Forest from the Roadless Rule. 

Congressman Young’s Amendment 69, like the earlier attempt by Senator Murkowski, tries to exempt Alaska’s two national forests from the Roadless Rule. Thanks to the efforts of Tongass stronghearts like you and inspiring leaders like Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, Congress dumped Senator Murkowski’s two poison-pill riders from the final 2018 omnibus spending package. Congressman Young is now attempting to attach his superfluous amendment to the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2019 which is supposed to focus on helping the nation’s farmers and families in need through the food stamp program. 

This underhanded attack on one our country’s landmark conservation achievements, the Roadless Rule, is a bad deal for Alaska and for the US taxpayers.

Urge Republican and Democratic Moderates to Vote NO on Young’s Amendment 69

Not only is this amendment completely unrelated to the Farm Bill, Young waited until the last minute to tack it on, circumventing the normal legislative process of committee hearings, debates, and opportunity for public participation.

This amendment is bad for the Alaska economy and endangers our vibrant fishing and tourism industries in order to subsidize the interests of an industry that can no longer compete in a free market. Today, timber supports less than one percent of jobs in Southeast Alaska while over 20% of the economy depends on fishing and tourism. Congressman Young is putting the interests of a few remaining cronies left in this tiny sector of the economy ahead of a sustainable economic future for all of Southeast Alaska.   

If this version of the Agriculture bill passes the House, it will go to the Senate and then to the President to sign. This is our opportunity to stop Young’s wrong-headed Amendment 69 before it gains any traction. Write TODAY to tell Congress how important Tongass roadless wildlands are to Southeast Alaska and all of America.

Together we can protect Tongass roadless wildlands forever.

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