Protect Alaska’s clean water from BC mines now - HJR 9

On January 30th Rep Dan Ortiz introduced House Joint Resolution 9 (H.J.R. 9) – Canadian mines on Transboundary Rivers – to the Alaska State Legislature. This is a much-needed step in protecting our waters in Alaska from outside interests.

The resolution calls on the U.S. federal government to work with the Canadian federal government to investigate the long-term impacts that proposed mines could cause to our productive river systems: the Alsek, Taku, Stikine and Unuk. Although a Memorandum of Understanding is in place between Alaska and British Columbia, it is not enforceable and cannot require financial compensation to Alaska if a mining company goes bankrupt and fails to continue water treatment, as in the case of the Tulsequah Chief Mine.

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Tongass Giveaway - H.R. 232

In 2017, Alaska and the nation face an onslaught of new legislation from a Congress seeking to promote short-term economic gain for a few at the expense of the larger public good.

A bill of particular concern is H.R. 232, the State National Forest Management Act of 2017, introduced by Alaska Congressman Don Young. H.R. 232 would allow states to acquire up to 2 million acres of National Forest System lands, including all roads, campgrounds, and public-use cabins - including from the Tongass.

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Donald Trump is right – the time for empty talk is over

Today, during the early hours of a beautiful, wintry Alaskan morning here in Juneau, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. 

After two months spent living, wrestling, and engaging with this stark new reality, it still felt surreal as I drove to work that on such a beautiful morning, our country could take this dramatic turn towards the unpredictable. And yet, here we are. 

During the inauguration speech, Trump observed that “the time for empty talk is over," and that “now arrives the hour for action.” We couldn’t agree more.

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Tongass Forest Update: New Land Management Plan Amendment

This month has been a busy time for the Tongass – below please find updates on the Tongass Land Management Plan Amendment, new information about the Forest Service’s public comment period for planned projects on Prince of Wales (POW), and information on public input meetings taking place next week in Thorne Bay, Naukati, and Craig regarding the Prince of Wales Landscape Level Analysis Project (POWLLAP). We’d particularly like to make sure our members see and have the opportunity to attend and weigh in at the POW Landscape Level Analysis meeting next week: let us know if you decide to go or need more information!

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Governor Walker: Zombie Slayer

Over the past week there have been an number of excellent letters urging Governor Walker to kill the Juneau Road extension, including this one from the Juneau Empire Reader's Council.


On Halloween weekend, please urge Governor Walker to finally kill this zombie project!

The half-billion dollar plus road extension continues to come back from the dead to haunt Southeast Alaska. Consider the gruesome details: 

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Hawk Inlet TMDL Public Meeting Tomorrow!

Over the past year, Friends of Admiralty Island has led the effort to take a close look at the sediments, shellfish, fish, and wildlife in Hawk Inlet, where Greens Creek Mine has its waste tailings pile and ore-loading facilities. As you may recall, the results have been disturbing (more on that below.)

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Your Chance to Help Protect Alaska's Clean Water - Testify on 10/12

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016, the Alaska House Fisheries Special Committee has scheduled a hearing to take public testimony on the Transboundary Mining Issue. The hearing presents a critical opportunity to urge our elected leaders to Get Extra Tuff on BC Mines and ensure the mining companies and provincial agencies in British Columbia take whatever steps are necessary to protect Alaska's salmon, communities and cultures.  

This is your chance to share your concerns with Alaska's top leaders!


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A Whole Heap of New Murkowski Bills Available for Comment!

September 23, 2016

esterday, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on 21 (yes, 21!) different pieces of legislation, including a suite of bills that make compromises on the Tongass in different ways. While the jam-packed hearing allowed little time for meaningful discussion, there is still time for you to weigh in.Naha_River_(1)_-_Photograph_by_Mark_Edwards.jpeg

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Help halt the Kuiu Island timber sale

Imagine our surprise when we learned in late August that the U.S. Forest Service is offering an unexpected timber sale in the Tongass – a sale that directly undermines new direction in the Forest Service’s own 2016 Tongass Plan Amendment, which is expected to go into effect this winter.

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Old Growth logging on the Tongass to continue

The U.S. Forest Service on July 1 released its Final Environmental Impact Statement and draft Record of Decision (ROD) for the 2016 Tongass Land Management Plan Amendment. Unfortunately, the draft decision does not stop industrial-scale old growth logging soon enough. The Forest Service intends to carry on business as usual and perpetuate continued controversy about old-growth logging for at least another decade.

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