Beating A Dead-End Road

On June 13th, Governor Walker decided to leave almost $21 million for the stalled Juneau Road Extension in the state budget. While we’d have preferred to see him use a line-item veto to remove this allocation, we believe the Governor when he says he “[was not] breathing life into something we have closed.”    


In December 2014, Governor Walker asked the Department of Transportation to defund the road, which would have canceled the project. Though Department of Transportation Commissioner Marc Luiken agreed in 2015 that the road should be defunded, we are still waiting for completion of the supplemental environmental analysis, which outlines the environmental and economic impact of all possible options, including at least one that uses existing assets to improve ferry service in Lynn Canal.

Although the proposal to extend the road almost 50 miles up the east side of Lynn Canal to a new ferry terminal on the Katzehin River has been around for years, the costs associated with extending Juneau’s dead-end have always outweighed the benefits. Building this dangerous road has never made economic sense. Keep urging the Governor to fight these bad mega-projects and make sure his DOT Commissioner recommends the no-build alternative.    

Call Governor Walker’s office at (907) 465-3500 and tell him to "stick with the plan," choose the no-build alternative, and allocate this money to ferry and dock improvement projects that actually benefit our communities

There are numerous ways to use this money to improve our communities and transportation system, including rebuilding the ferry dock in Skagway to let the new ferries currently under construction dock there safely.

The Juneau Access Road project is wrong for Juneau, Southeast, and Alaska. Call Governor Walker and urge him to follow through on his promise to fix our ferries and put an end to this dead-end road, for good.

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