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Request for Proposal (Website Redesign)

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council — a grassroots environmental advocacy nonprofit organization based in Juneau that works to protect the Tongass National Forest and Inside Passage Waters — is looking for a website designer to redesign our website.

Project Overview

We would like our redesigned website to look more contemporary and professional with a clean, sleek design while still reflecting SEACC’s values and culture as a grassroots organization in Southeast Alaska. The redesigned website should be user-friendly and easy to update on the back end for our staff.

Our two primary goals with the new website are 1) to make it clear and easy for the public to see how they can take action to protect Southeast Alaska’s forests and waterways, and 2) make it clear and easy for the public to make donations to SEACC.

The designer must have previous experience working with NationBuilder, the platform that hosts our website and database. Alaska- and Pacific-Northwest-based designers are preferred for this project, but designers from elsewhere may also submit proposals.

SEACC Background

SEACC was established in Southeast Alaska in 1970 in response to threats to the Tongass National Forest, North America’s largest intact temperate rainforest which was being deforested by industrial-scale clear-cutting of timber. We were a scrappy group of local coalitions that united under the call to protect this land, which we call home and rely on for our livelihoods, recreation and unique Southeast Alaskan way of life. We have since grown into one of Southeast Alaska’s largest professional conservation groups, with a staff of 12 and a Board of Directors that is dedicated to protecting the Tongass and its waterways from old and new threats. 2020 marks our 50th year as an organization, and we are proud of our 50-year history of successful activism.

We have two programs that most of our work falls under: The Tongass Forest program and the Inside Waters program. These programs do work to mobilize Southeast Alaskans into action to protect their forest and waters. SEACC does this by informing the public of possible threats to the Tongass and Inside Passage waters, galvanizing residents into action by leading political rallies, signing petitions and pressuring lawmakers, watch-dogging new legislation, and other grassroots organizing methods.

Website Wish List

  • Currently, the site is cluttered with many pages and tabs about both of SEACC’s Tongass and Inside Waters programs. The new website should make it easy for the public to know where to go to take action, and what the latest action is.
    • There should only be about 15 publicly visible pages total on the website, so website visitors don’t get bogged down. 
    • There are also presently an uneven amount of pages/tabs between the two programs, whereas they should be analogous. 
    • The “About” section of the two programs should also be more evergreen, so they don’t have to constantly be updated by staff. 
  • We would like our mission statement clearer and more prominent on the website, for those who visit the site for the first time.
  • We are interested in ideas on how to make donating a more prominent ask on our website, so it’s a highly visible, stronger presence on the website. We would also like to update the Donations page to include different types of giving options. 
  • We would like the Staff and Board of Directors section of the website to be more personable and dynamic. For the Board page, we’d like to highlight past board members and executive directors. 
  • We’d like the History page to be more substantial, with a scrolling timeline. 
  • Right now, the website is very Juneau-based, and although SEACC is based out of Juneau, we represent all of Southeast Alaska. We’d like the new website to have a heavy emphasis on the full range of communities where we work, and have a prominent map that visually shows that we represent Southeast. 
  • We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, and have many events and celebrations coming up in the fall. We also have specific 50th-year anniversary fundraising goals that we would like to highlight on our website to drive donations. 

Budget Range

We have an approved budget set aside for this project that ranges from $4,000-$6,000.


We would like our new website to be ready to go live in mid-August. 

Submission Guidelines

Please provide the following to SEACC Communications Lead Emily Russo Miller at, who will be the contact person for the website redesign project: 

  • Name, address, email, phone, website
  • Number of years in operation
  • Top clients and when (date) they partnered
  • 3-5 client references
  • 3-5 top relevant projects, who worked on each project, link to website URL
  • Number of individuals who will work on the website project, their roles and responsibilities
  • Any additional resources required for support
  • Number of hours and general timeline from start to completion
  • Cost estimate for project
  • Project management approach

If you are interested in volunteering for SEACC, email Conor Lendrum, the Development & Outreach Associate, at

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