Tell Sen. Murkowski to Support Green Vehicles in Green Spaces

Introduced in the Senate on June 27, 2019, S.2041 Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Act establishes the Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Initiative to facilitate the installation of zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure in national forests, national parks, as well as nearby land owned by willing tribal and local partners.

The proposed legislation appropriates $50 million to:

  • allow the federal government to enter into agreements with public, private, or non-profit entities for the acquisition, installation, and operation of zero-emissions vehicle charging and fueling infrastructure.
  • purchase zero-emissions vehicles for the National Park Service (NPS) and National Forest Service (NFS) fleets
  • create and publish maps and other information regarding the availability of zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure on covered lands. 

As a major tourist destination with the most national forest land and the second-most number of national parks, Alaska can be a leader in supporting the use of zero-emissions vehicles within and around our protected lands. 


Sign our petition to Senator Murkowski below calling for her support of S. 2041 Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Act. 

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Will you ask Senator Murkowski to support the Green Spaces, Green Vehicles Act (S.2041)?

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