Governor Walker: Zombie Slayer

Over the past week there have been an number of excellent letters urging Governor Walker to kill the Juneau Road extension, zombie-md.pngincluding this one from the Juneau Empire Reader's Council.

On Halloween weekend, please urge Governor Walker to finally kill this zombie project!

The half-billion dollar plus road extension continues to come back from the dead to haunt Southeast Alaska. Consider the gruesome details:  

  • With one hundred-plus rock falls and other geographical hazards along the fifty mile route, some drivers are bound to lose their lives. If your tires slid off the road, you'd risk landing in a watery grave at the bottom of North America's deepest fjord.
  • The head of Berners Bay, Juneau's backyard wilderness, would be sliced in two.
  • Funds that could be used to replace and run ferries would be bled away, potentially leading to the slow, painful, death of the Marine Highway System.

Does this sound scary? Tell Governor Walker to slay the Juneau road extension now!

Here's how:

1) Leave a message for Governor Walker at his office by calling (907) 465-3500.

2) Send an email message to his office

3) If you see the Governor, tell him in person!

4) Sign the petition supporting a better alternative - a safe, reliable Marine Highway System.

Thank you for taking action and encouraging Governor Walker to become a Zombie Slayer!

- Emily Ferry

PS - You can also help us keep watch over Berners Bay, and all the awesome, wild places in Southeast by becoming a member or renewing your membership. As a grassroots organization, we can't do what we do without people like you.   

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