Update: Juneau Mining Ordinance Moves to the Planning Commission

On Monday, April 16th the Mining Ordinance returned to the CBJ Committee of the Whole (COW) where recommendations from the Mining Subcommittee were discussed. The subcommittee, which last met March 12, 2018, had made its final recommendation to approve City Attorney Amy Mead’s revised draft that provides clarifications in language, but keeps the ordinance intact.

The discussion was short, only lasting 9 minutes. During this time, the COW approved a proposal by the City Attorney to review the reclamation and financial warranty sections in order to propose changes to “better mesh our code with state and federal law.” Once the review is completed, the ordinance will move to the Planning Commission and then back to the COW. The final ordinance must be approved at an Assembly meeting to become law.

SEACC would like to thank the Subcommittee and the COW for their work on this issue and their decisions to-date. The Mining Ordinance is a critical part of protecting Juneau from the potential impacts of mining in our city and must be safeguarded. We hope that any changes made will allow the ordinance to be sustainable for the long term.

We will continue to keep you posted on the status of the ordinance, any new developments, and opportunities to take action. With your help, we will close the door on this debate and keep our city safe.

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