Rock Paper Fish


The Film
“Rock-Paper-Fish” takes audiences deep into the rainforest of Southeast Alaska where life is inseparable from the age-old rhythms of the Chilkat River. Every year, all five species of salmon return to the Chilkat, drawing the world’s largest gathering of bald eagles, insatiable grizzly bears, and fascinated tourists. The salmon also define life for two communities: The ancient Tlingit village of Klukwan, and a commercial fishing town, Haines.

Meanwhile, the mountains above the headwaters of the Chilkat are being explored for a potential hard-rock mine by the Canadian mining company Constantine Metal Resources. Downstream in Haines and Klukwan, some locals are eager for a mining boom, while others fear that the risks to the Chilkat Watershed far outweigh short-term economic benefits. The prospect of a mine has deeply divided the communities and left them struggling to keep pace with the agenda of multinational corporations. “Rock-Paper-Fish” offers a vivid look into the lives of Alaskans grappling with questions as immense as the place they call home.

Due to the threat of industrial mining, the Chilkat has been named one of "America's 10 Most Endangered Rivers of 2019" by the nonprofit American Rivers.

"Rock Paper Fish" was directed by Colin Arisman and Connor Gallagher and produced by Wild Confluence Media and Nomad Island, with support from the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, Patagonia, and Peak Design. If you have questions or would like to screen the film in your community, please email us at or call the office at (907) 586-6942.

Take Action
Help protect the Chilkat River and all who depend on it.  Let investors at DOWA Holdings know that it is irresponsible to finance the Constantine-Palmer Mine that poses so many risks to downstream communities.  Ask the Alaska Mental Health Trustwho leases land for the mine, to reconsider the mine's plan of operations.  Click here to access actions that will help safeguard the Chilkat River.  

Please also consider donating here to support the community of Klukwan's advocacy work.  

Learn More
Learn more about why the Chilkat River is so important for those who depend on it and how the proposed Constantine-Palmer Mine upstream puts the river at risk here.  


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