Tell the State to Take the Politics Out of Protecting Our Rivers

It is currently easier to pollute public waters in the state of Alaska than it is to protect them.  Yet, our local food sources and economies depend on clean water to continue.  A number of communities throughout Southeast Alaska have taken actions to protect their local waters by nominating them as Tier 3 Outstanding National Resource Waters (ONRW), but the state has refused to act on them. Meanwhile, the state permits dozens of corporations to dump wastewater into our rivers. 

The Alaska legislature is currently considering SB 51-a bill that would make designating an ONRW an impossible hurdle by requiring that ONRW's only be designated through the legislature rather than administratively by the agency responsible for reviewing discharge permits. Why should the public have to go through a political process to protect clean water while corporations only have to fill out an application to pollute? 

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You can also contact Senate Resource Committee Chair, Chirs Birch, at and tell him that it should not be easier to pollute our waters than it is to protect them.

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