Water is Life

The Film
The Stikine River is the heritage, the livelihood, and the future of thousands of Alaskans and British Columbians.  It provides clean water and healthy habitat for Chinook, coho, sockeye, chum, and pink salmon, as well as steelhead trout, ooligan, Dungeness crab, and moose, and it provides the basis of local economies and livelihoods for the communities who depend on it.  

“To try to put a measure on why clean water is so important is hard to do, except that it is what this community is. It is what has allowed us to stay.” - Petersburg resident Karin McCullough

Take Action
The Stikine is one of the wildest, most salmon-rich rivers on the planet.  Several large-scale, open-pit mines at the river's headwaters stand to change the Stikine forever.  If you want to make sure the Stikine remains healthy, rich, and full of life, visit our action page and join us to protect this magnificent river.  

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Visit our Stikine River information page to learn more about this important and unique watershed and the upstream threats it faces. 

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